client: beaupepys project: company website

I supplied the back end for this, an e-commerce site selling hand-made jewellery.

From the admin side, the site includes a database to store details of all products so that the shop owner can add products, as well as a means for them to upload photography.

For visitors to the site there is a search and shopping basket facility which links through to a PayPal-based payment system.

client: the marketing factory project: company website

I coded this site from supplied Photoshop and Illustrator designs in XHTML, CSS and JavaScript. The home page features a slideshow and the ‘Services’ and ‘News’ pages display copy in a Lightbox-style display. On all pages the contact details are revealed by rolling over the appropriate icon and hidden again after a short time delay.

I wrote all these examples of progressive enhancement using unobtrusive JavaScript and JQuery.

client: judith gibbons project: personal website and blog

This is a site for a graphic designer built primarily around a portfolio of work and blog.

I built the back end for this, creating an admin area for the site owner featuring bespoke blog and portfolio functionality.

client: catersell project: company website

This site is designed to allow people to buy and sell mobile catering equipment. My involvement with this was to rebuild the functional side of an existing site and make it more robust and user-friendly.

The main feature of the site is a search facility to enable buyers to choose what type of items they are looking for and what price range. This will be extended in future to include a postcode search, once the existing database is updated to include postcode data for items on sale. For sellers, there is the facility to enter all the details of their item and upload pictures. The images are stored on the server and displayed on demand.

client: socialist alliance project: brochure website

client: elle home interiors project: company website

I coded this site for a new company working in the field of home staging. It was important to the design that the site rendered to a contant depth across different browsers. I achieved this by the use of JavaScript to balance the depths of the panels containing text and those containing pictures.

client: gem restaurant project: brochure website

Gem is a restaurant in Islington, London, specialising in Turkish/Kurdish cuisine. I designed and developed this site for the restaurant and have been adding features regularly.

Following discussions with the owner, I co-wrote all the content and then organised hosting and email facilities for the site. I can also report that the food is magnificent!

The most recently added feature is the booking page, allowing customers to book a table online. I wrote a JavaScript-based draggable calendar to ensure a user-friendly experience for this, which is added to the page via progressive enhancement. The form, once completed by the visitor, sends the booking request to the restaurant via email.

client: insurance factory project: driving attitude test

This site, designed with young drivers in mind, tests drivers’ attitude towards driving through a series of carefully designed questions.

Through the use of Javascript, the questions are revealed one at a time and are not editable once answered. Once the test is complete, a PHP script calculates the results, based on their answers and then refers them to the appropriate next stage of the insurance process, depending on the outcome. Additionally, I wrote a MySQL database-driven back end to process the responses.

client: the falstaff experience project: company website

This site is for a museum and centre for paranormal activities, based in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire.

I designed and developed the site from the beginning, starting with discussions with the client, leading to the establishment of a theme for the site and finishing with the incorporation of an online shopping facility and a full Content Management System. The CMS means that the owners of the museum can update the site at all times, including adding, deleting and the editing of all pages. Additionally, the menu at the top of each page is produced graphically on-the-fly from the textual content stored in a MySQL database and rendered via PHP.

client: lorraine clarke project: exhibition website

I designed this site to publicise an art exhibition which took place in November last year.

The home page features a small animation of the artworks in the show whilst other pages describe the works in greater detail, and have a biography of the artist and give sponsors links and information.

I host the site, and when it went live gave full access of the code to the client, who has some familiarity with web-coding, so that they could continue to update news events and other developments themselves.