“So much goes on in a Harlem air shaft. You get the full essence of Harlem in an air shaft. You hear fights, you smell dinner, you hear people making love. You hear intimate gossip floating down. You hear the radio. An air shaft is one great big loudspeaker … You hear people praying, fighting, snoring … I tried to put it all in Harlem Air Shaft.

Duke Ellington, interview in The New Yorker, July 1944

Sound is an extremely powerful force. Always around us but often ignored, it can move us in profound ways.

I have always had a fascination for sound, both in its human-created form—or music, as it is commonly called—and its more natural form. I've represented this fascination here, in some musical pieces I created over the years and more recently in more abstract experiments in sound generation and manipulation made possible through new advances in web technology.