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Why piggate is not funny

September 21, 2015

Oh what a laugh we all had.

“David Cameron fucked a pig!” screamed Twitter under the inevitable #piggate hashtag.

Except of course—as far as I know—he didn’t. It was actually a “revelation” in the Daily Mail that as part of some bizarre initiation ceremony Cameron—and by extension presumably a sizeable proportion of his cabinet—was required to “put a private part of his anatomy into a dead pig’s mouth”.

I’m sure I’m amongst the last to feel any sympathy for the discomfort our Prime Minister must be feeling this morning. I nonetheless found the glee with which the seemingly entire left political milieu were responding to the issue deeply uncomfortable.


Because it was dressed up as a particular sexual deviation enjoyed by the hapless PM. It wasn’t. But more importantly if it was so what? Cameron himself has been messianic in his clampdown on the sexual proclivities of the rest of us, most recently through the Audiovisual Media Services Regulations 2014, which I wrote about here. Whatever turns us on—within the bounds of consent—is of no business of anyone else. Let’s not weaken that argument with this puerile fun-poking.

The “revelations” did also contain allegations of “bizarre rituals and sexual excess” as well as drug use. The only really legitimate charge we can lay at the door of Cameron this morning is one of sheer hypocrisy.

Aside from the aforementioned clampdown on the permitted sexual behaviour of the rest of us this government has remained stuck in the perceived wisdom on the issue of drug use. That means it’s fine for Eton toffs but strictly prohibited for the rest of us suffering in one way or another under this shameless reactionary government.

And to top it all, this has all come from the Daily Mail. Alarm bells for me start ringing the moment the so-called left grab hold of a grubby tale from that disgraceful rag and spread it round with such wild abandon. We’re still in the midst of one of the most vile media campaigns recently witnessed—largely featuring the inevitable Dacre and Murdoch stables—against Jeremy Corbyn.

The predominantly thoroughly mediocre intellects that run and populate our shabby media are finding it far too easy to set the political agenda. Please let’s not make it this easy for them.